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ARC The.Hotel

In Room Dining

If it's been a long day of meetings or you scheduled a packed day of sight seeing in beautiful Ottawa know that upon your return, you can curl up in your soft bed and have a sumptuous dinner delivered to you. Our in room dining is known for being amongst the finest in all of Ottawa.

With discerning selections from our culinary team at ARC The.Hotel you will find a variety of indulgencies, we encourage you to peruse our in room dining menu and enjoy in the stylish surroundings that is ARC The.Hotel Ottawa.

ARC The.Hotel Ottawa Room Service Hours

ARC In-Room Dining

  • Room Service available from 6:00 AM to 10:30 PM Daily

Sustainability in our Culinary Choices

ARC The.Hotel Ottawa is committed to minimizing our environmental impact wherever we can. One of the main actions we take in our kitchen is to ensure that the majority of produce comes from local suppliers. This has a number of benefits.

  • First, the amount of pollution emitted in transporting the produce is significantly less than if it were coming from another country.
  • Second, it promotes local farming and therefore acts as a economic stimulant to the rural communities that surround Ottawa.
  • Third and our final point, it tastes better. Fresh produce and meats can immediately be recognized when put up against food that has spent significant amounts of time being transported.